MBL: Hospitality staff shortage


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Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants in England Wales, Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland are now open for indoor business. But there’s growing concern about the numbers of vacancies across the hospitality sector. According to trade body UK Hospitality there is a shortfall of almost 200,000 workers. If you run a hospitality business, how difficult are you finding it to get staff? Are you a worker who’s left the sector to look for employment elsewhere? Let us know your experience: moneybox@bbc.co.uk In recent years the hospitality industry has seen a massive growth as more and more of our disposable income has been spent eating out. Could these staffing problems bring this trend to an abrupt end? With many hospitality businesses struggling during the pandemic - despite government support -staff have had to be laid off. Continuing lockdown uncertainty also hasn’t helped. Expert panel: Kate Nicholls - CEO at trade body UK Hospitality Gerwyn Davies - Senior Labour Market adviser at Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Presenter: Louise Cooper Researcher: Anita Langary Producer: Rumella Dasgupta Production Co-ordinator: Janet Staples Editor: Alex Lewis

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