Ep3 – The Live Show - Educating Future Generations of Breeders


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This is going to be a great show. Not only will Kenny Troiano be hosting the show, and Frank Bradley will be co-hosting the show, but Nancy Troiano will be joining us. The Three of us will talk with John Anthony Marks about “Educating Future Generations of Breeders.”

There are many struggling beginners, who are having difficulty getting good, reliable and factual information. This includes, husbandry practices, feeding and nutrition, health care and disease prevention, and yes, Breeding. I know you will enjoy this episode, and learn a lot too.

For more information about the Bred to Perfection Live Show and the Breeders Academy Membership Website, go to https://www.breedersacademy.com - While you're there, make sure to sign up for our Free Breeders Bulletins. Enjoy the show!

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