RadCast Outdoors Episode #53: Erin Campbell Talks About Her Hunting Journey


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Photo Courtesy of Rachel Girt with the Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt

Erin Campbell is the Wyoming State Geologist and is the Director of the Wyoming State Geological Survey. She has a PHD from the University of Wyoming in geology and has been living in Wyoming for many years. She just recently picked up the sport of hunting and we asked her to come on the RadCast Outdoors Podcast to discuss it. She is considered a "non-traditional" hunter due to coming into the sport as an adult and her story is intriguing. She shares why she decided to try the sport of hunting and how much she appreciates hunting in her life. This is a must listen for anyone wanting to recruit hunters as adults.

Please support the Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt that helped get Erin into the hunting world. You can donate on their website.

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Patrick Edwards: I am. All right, everybody. We have Erin Campbell here with us. Not in the studio, but you know, from Laramie. So close enough, you know, here in Wyoming anyway, but, uh, it's great to have you on, she is the state [00:03:00] geologists for the state of Wyoming and she is new into hunting and fishing. And one of our listeners, Melissa suggested that we bring Erin on and talk about. You know, hunting and fishing with the, and how you got started. So welcome to the podcast. It's great. Erin Campbell: Thank you so much. It's great to be here Patrick Edwards: just a little bit, just so everybody knows kind of your background and where you're from and then we'll get into it. Thanks. Erin Campbell: Well, I have lived in Wyoming. For about 22 years now. And before that I lived all over the Western United States.

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