How TikTok blew up my business (and helped me find my niche)


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When the UK went into Lockdown, wedding pianist Nicole Reynolds had to look for alternative ways to generate income for her business.

So she turned to TikTok - a social media app she’d previously dismissed as being for teenagers dancing and lip syncing.

In this interview, you’ll find out how Nicole grew her TikTok following to more than 70k in just six months. And how it’s helped her find new sources of income - along with a new (and unexpected) niche.

Key moments

[2:38] How the TikTok algorithm works

[3:34] Why wedding pianist Nicole started using TikTok

[4:10] How Nicole found content ideas for TikTok in the early days

[7:54] Nicole’s ‘breakthrough’ TikTok video that’s had 240k views

[12:04] Where many businesses go wrong with niche

[15:35] How Nicole generates income from TikTok

[17:50] Nicole’s advice for business owners getting started on TikTok

[21:00] How long it takes Nicole to plan and create a TikTok video

[22:16] Hashtag strategy for TIkTok

[23:00] How to tackle TIkTok tech overwhelm

[24:06] Nicole’s experience of haters/trolls - and how she deals with it

[29.27] Some tough love from me about this podcast episode

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