077: Conflict Resolution for People Who Hate Conflict with Josh Mauldin


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Josh Mauldin shows us how resolving conflict not only makes us better humans, but better designers. He challenges us to approach conflict with a growth mindset and the question, "What can I learn from this?" to help us become less anti-conflict and more pro-resolution. He articulates the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict and teaches us why healthy conflict is good and even worth pursuing. He reminds us that it all comes back to empathy which does not mean agreeing with someone, but making an active effort to understand where they’re coming from. He also reveals how embracing conflict is the catalyst for building the best teams, the best products, and the best you.

  • How Long Have you Been Thinking About Conflict Resolution? (4:38)
  • Has Team Conflict Increased Since We've Gone Remote? (9:48)
  • How Can We See Past the Emoji's? (13:53)
  • What Does Your Conflict Resolution Framework Look Like? (18:54)
  • How Does Your Cranky Conclusions Approach Work? (20:53)
  • Conflict Resolution for Leaders (28:14)
  • How Do You Address Conflict with Your Leadership? (32:08)
  • What's the Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict? (35:10)
  • How Does Healthy Conflict Create Better Products? (38:28)
  • Is Agile a Double-Edged Sword When it Comes to Team Conflict? (41:20)
  • Design Superpower? (46:13)
  • What's Your Design Kryptonite? (47:08)
  • UX Superhero Name (47:57)
  • Habit of Success (48:36)
  • Invincible Tool or Resource (49:26)
  • Best Advice (54:11)
  • Connect & Keep Up (55:44)

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