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Today we are paid a visit from an amazing guest with so much value to offer all of you! Dr. Jeff Anzalone is the brains behind Debt-Free Doctor, a service that helps doctors and healthcare professionals to create passive income while still working in the medical space. Dr. Anzalone is a full-time periodontist as well as an author, and we get to hear all about his journey after medical school and how he found his way first into passive investing and then subsequently into active deals! His main goal in his real estate work is to show people how they can stop trading their time for money, and increase their income dramatically. One of his main points in our conversation is around the importance of mindset and how we have to get away from an outlook based on scarcity before we can experience success. We also talk about his best advice for finding and locking down deals, questions to ask deal sponsors, and why he is so dedicated to helping others reach a better financial life! Tune in to get it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The beginning of Dr. Anzalone's career and how this pushed him to pursue passive income.
  • Lessons that Dr. Anzalone learned around debt and income from the get-go.
  • How a negative and worried attitude can impact your work and personal life.
  • The steps that Dr. Anzalone took to address and change his scarcity mindset.
  • Dr. Anzalone's skiing injury and how it influenced his attitude towards providing for his family.
  • The first asset classes that Dr. Anzalone pursued and the early seminars he attended.
  • Dr. Anzalone's motivation behind starting his Debt-Free Doctor business!
  • The transition that Dr. Anzalone made from passive to active investments.
  • Reason doctors should be seriously considering new revenue streams as a failsafe.
  • Tips and tricks for a healthy process of finding and securing deals!
  • The most important question that investors should be asking of their deal sponsors.
  • Proudest moments along the way for Dr. Anzalone: the enjoyment of his helpful work.
  • Dr. Anzalone's best book recommendation for all of our listeners!
  • The key to success for Dr. Anzalone: dealing well with and learning from failures.

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