Ghosts of the Coast: Vol. 3


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Ghosts of The Coast Podcast is set in Southeastern Louisiana staring the locally infamous treasure hunter Andre “Rattlesnakedre” Brunet; Louisiana tour guide and historian as well as the face of the quickly growing horror anthology “Louisiana Dread”; & Bayou Boy Biologist and Naturalist Blake “Tauzin’ Tauzin. Tonight's tales take us right back into the swamps with cryptid lore, featuring the Lutin, the Leteche, they even throw in a Werewolf or 3, and no Cajun story is ever complete without a visit from Da Rougarou! Then the boys take a step back in time to the early bayou days and what life might have been less than 100 years ago.

Ghosts of the Coast Cast:

Andre Brunet





Kyle Crosby






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