16. Victoria Lyons - Normalizing women carrying condoms, crowdfunding like a pro and creating a powerful brand of influence.


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As an experienced advertising creative, Victoria believes in the power of brands to make a difference in the world. She began her career when she moved to New York City to intern at various advertising agencies. She had to move back to Canada during quarantine last year. With more time at home, Victoria brainstormed the idea for Slipp. And this year she founded the brand with the mission of empowering women to feel comfortable buying, carrying, and using condoms.

Slipp is a sexual wellness company creating condoms for women-first. It delivers condoms discreetly to your door, so you can avoid the awkward trip to the condom aisle. Through discussions about women’s personal struggles with birth control, Slipp realized that many women feel awkward buying condoms; don't carry condoms with them, and even feel uncomfortable enforcing the use of a condom.

Slipp noticed that the condoms on the market focus primarily on male pleasure and don't address women's sexual health. Slipp condoms will be made with natural rubber latex and 100% silicone oil lubricant.

Victoria discusses her love of variety in the day-to-day business of Slipp Health and how she is constantly learning how to improve the brand. She gives tips on conducting the best and most accurate market research, in addition to outlining the process of launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo.

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