#87 FEPS Talks: In loving memory of Jo Cox


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Jan Royall (Principal of Somerville College in Oxford) and Ania Skrzypek (FEPS Director for Research and Training)

In this very special episode, aired 5 years since the assassination, we commemorate Jo Cox who was an extraordinary person, a passionate activist, and an incredibly talented politician of the Labour Party. In a conversation with Baroness Jan Royall (Principal of Somerville College in Oxford) Ania Skrzypek (Director for Research and Training) discusses the meaning of “we have more in common than that what divides us”. Moreover, they look at Cox’ legacy and how the memory of it should be cultivated by Progressives around the world upholding principle standpoints; when it comes to the future of the EU – UK relations, when it comes to fostering democracy and gender equality, and when it comes to building communities – cherishing solidarity.

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