S2E7 Getting Paid to Be a Streaming Creative Designer. An interview with Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky


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Howard Pinksy is the Senior XD Evangelist at Adobe and creates educational videos for Adobe. He shares UI/UX knowledge and experiences with the design community through video, live streams, at creative events, focusing on the process Adobe XD application.

His journey first started in 2006, when YouTube was just a new website. Howard first started posting Photoshop videos, and immediately, his videos took off, became a YouTube partner, and his hobby became a career.

Today, Howard has a Youtube channel of 466K subscribers. He regularly creates videos of his loyal designer community.

In this episode, we talked about:

· Howard's journey

· An experience being part of the YouTube Partner Program

· What is a design evangelist's goal?

· Some expert tips when creating videos and thumbnails

· Why are user experience and good design so important?

· About Howard's LinkedIn Learning Program

Get in touch with Howard:

· Visit his YouTube:


· Howard's LinkedIn:


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