#94. Lab Leak Theory & UFO Disclosure (Mick West, Dr. Kevin Folta & Lalo Dagach)


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Mick West is a British-American science writer, skeptical investigator, and retired video game programmer. His book is Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect. Kevin M. Folta is a professor of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida. Kevin hosts the Talking Biotech podcast. Lalo Dagach is the Chilean Palestinian and the host of the Lalo Dagach podcast. He has appeared on the Rubin Report, and has studied film and politics.
In Deekast #94 we discuss with Mick, Kevin and Lalo: the Covid-19 origins investigation by the WHO, the possible outcomes and rejections or acceptance the outcomes will face, as well as the potential outcomes of the Pentagon's upcoming UFO/UAP disclosure report. We also discuss topics like zoonotic viruses, vaccines and lockdowns in Chile, gain of function research, the Wuhan Lab, wet markets and their history and economics, China and political secrecy, Twitter as a platform for conspiracy theories and as it relates to converting or convincing people, skepticism, rationality, scientific literacy, media literacy, the media 'getting it wrong', how to know which sources of news to trust, the degradation of various popular media outlets integrity over time, and many more topics.
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