97 | HOW TO FIX Ben Simmons, Usher HATING T-Pain?, The CO-STARS Carry 'DAVE'


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It's EPISODE 97! I discuss Ben Simmons, Giannis, and Devin Booker, along with T-PAIN and LIL DICKY. I think everyone is realizing that Trae Young is going to be a SUPERSTAR; that Luka/Trae trade is kinda cool (1:10). How to fix Ben Simmons; how did he get here (6:00). Impressed with GIANNIS; can't believe they were able to beat the NETS; Nets beat themselves (16:47). I've been saying for 4 years that Devin Bookers will be the next Kobe!! (19:57). Dave SEASON 2 is coming out; the show is only good because of the CO-STARS, not because of LIL DICKY!! (21:36). Usher telling T-Pain that he ruined music back in the day??? LOL T-Pain need much more respect (25:40). SHOUTOUT to Rory and Mal (the co-stars from The Joe Budden Podcast) made their own podcast and it's great (28:00). SONG OF THE WEEK (29:50). I'M EXCITED for Tyler the Creator's new album coming out this FRIDAY!; he make great albums (29:52). SONGS OF THE WEEK: Shi-Fi: Tyler, The Creator - LUMBERJACK ||| (this podcast on YouTube): https://youtu.be/fFcw4lZHXpQ

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