Kevin Kirchman | Green Energy Entrepreneur Challenges The Greenhouse Gas Theory


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Mr. Kirchman is the CEO of Worldfree, Ltd, a digital currency software firm, and Editor of the Climate Science Journal, which seeks to restore higher standards of integrity and scientific openness to the climate debate.

Please also see his paper to follow along:


2:15 His renewable energy firm which made vertical axis turbines that captured COβ‚‚ from the air, cracked water into oxygen and hydrogen, then made synthetic methane from the COβ‚‚ and hydrogen.

3:50 His initial findings of conflicts in the story about COβ‚‚ in 2010.

9:20 COβ‚‚ cooling effect on the planet, storing thermal energy; endothermic.

10:09 The standard model of physics (last 50 years); photons interact with electrons and neutrons. The greenhouse gas theory is 100 years old.

18:30 If COβ‚‚ is causing greenhouse effect why does it get cool so quick in shade and in a total lunar eclipse?

23:00 People don't take the time to research for themselves.

23:45 Hydroxychloroquine vs COVID.

30:14 How do you decide what is the truth from conflicting expert opinions on climate change?

38:00 Solar winds, sunspots, cosmic rays, atmosphere ionisation & cloud cover.

42:10 Why doesn't more solar activity cause more evaporation and cloud cover?

44:55 Kevin's self-sacrifice by going against the narrative.

45:52 Can we survive without fossil fuels?

1:03:40 Public education doesn't equip the public to objectively evaluate greenhouse gas theories

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