Episode 5: Galiano Tiramani from Boxabl


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Are you ready to hear more about groundbreaking construction technology in 20 minutes or less? On this week's episode, Galiano Tiramani from Boxabl joins Spencer to talk about how his company is making module homes to make housing more affordable. If factories can make car production fast and simple, can factories do the same for housing? https://info.builderfunnel.com/builder-funnel-radio/construction-tech-update-galiano-tiramani-boxabl Galiano Tiramani Boxabl Founder Las Vegas, NV 203.550.4493 g@boxabl.com youtube.com/boxabl BOXABL IS CONSIDERING UNDERTAKING AN OFFERING OF SECURITIES UNDER TIER 2 OF REGULATION A. NO MONEY OR OTHER CONSIDERATION IS BEING SOLICITED, AND IF SENT IN RESPONSE, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. NO OFFER TO BUY THE SECURITIES CAN BE ACCEPTED AND NO PART OF THE PURCHASE PRICE CAN BE RECEIVED UNTIL THE OFFERING STATEMENT FILED BY THE COMPANY WITH THE SEC HAS BEEN QUALIFIED BY THE SEC. ANY SUCH OFFER MAY BE WITHDRAWN OR REVOKED, WITHOUT OBLIGATION OR COMMITMENT OF ANY KIND, AT ANY TIME BEFORE NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE GIVEN AFTER THE DATE OF QUALIFICATION. AN INDICATION OF INTEREST INVOLVES NO OBLIGATION OR COMMITMENT OF ANY KIND. A COPY OF OUR PRELIMINARY OFFERING CIRCULAR MAY BE OBTAINED HERE, sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1816937/000109690621000494/box_1aa.htm

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