Episode 177: INTERVIEW w/ Poet Anastasia Walker (feat. Johnny Cash, Tricia Black, Love, Fancy Hagood, Penelope Houston, Gary Cawker, Emily Davis and the Murder Police)


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In our final Pride episode, I speak with my friend, poet and writer Anastasia Walker. As we discuss, Anastasia and I met five years ago at our college reunion, and have kept in touch since. We talk about her upcoming book of poetry, The Girl Who Wasn’t And Is from bd-studios, and how the trans experience has changed and is changing across the generations that bridge the two of this. Also, a trans analysis of “Long Black Veil.” After our recording, Anastasia fleshed her thoughts out on her blog.
  1. Johnny Cash - The Long Black Veil (At Folsom Prison) (14:12)
  2. Tricia Black -- “Not 1 of the Boys” (YouTube) (18:02)
  3. Love -- “Alone Again Or” (Forever Changes) (34:37)
  4. Fancy Hagood -- “Forest” (Southern Curiosity) (37:50)
  5. Penelope Houston - Talking with You (Birdboys) (49:23)
  6. Gary Cawker - "I Want You (to be My Man)" (The Sleep of Reason) (52:59)
  7. Emily Davis and the Murder Police -- “Bloodlines” (Never a Moment Alone) (61:21)
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