1969: Being the Expert Your Customers Need with Chris Pistorius Founder and Owner of Kickstart Dental Marketing


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Chris Pistorius is the Founder of KickStart Dental Marketing which has consistently been listed as one of the top dental marketing companies in the country by UpCity. Having over 15 years of experience in dental marketing, he has worked with countless dentists across multiple facets of marketing, consulting, and coaching.

“Just do it. It’s the old Nike slogan. If you are passionate about and if it makes you happy… And certainly, there is financial stuff to it and you’ve got to be able to make money in most cases. Just go and do what makes you happy, take care of your customers and the money will come. Don’t just sit around and think oh should I, could I? Get off the sideline and actually do it because in my opinion it will be too painful for you later in life to go back and think what if I would have started that business then? What could it have done? So I say just do it ”…[Listen for More]

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