The Impact of Keeping Secrets & Why Unreturned Messages Drive Us Crazy


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Hard to imagine a hot summer day without a can of soda or beer. Before the mid-60s those cans were absolutely useless unless you had a can opener handy. This episode begins with the story of the pop-top can and how it changed everything.

You have a secret. Everyone has a secret - probably many secrets. Even though we all have them, carrying around secrets can really do us harm according to Michael Slepian, one of the leading researchers on the psychology of secrets and a professor at Columbia Business School. Michael will have you feeling better about the secrets you keep and has some great ideas to help you lessen the burden of keeping secrets inside. Michael’s website is

I bet you have sent a text or email and didn’t get a response, so you started to wonder why. Maybe you think you did something wrong? Maybe the person you emailed was in a horrible accident. Maybe your boss didn’t respond because he is planning to fire you. Why do we do that? Why do we think the worst just because someone doesn’t reply as quickly as we like? Listen to my guest Sam George, a digital marketing expert and author of the book I'll Get Back to You: The Dyscommunication Crisis: Why Unreturned Messages Drive Us Crazy and What to Do About It ( Sam explains why those thoughts are irrational and likely not true and also how to get people to respond to email and texts right away so you aren’t left wondering why.

You probably have things sitting in the back of your car like toys, shoes, pens or your laptop -right? It turns out that having loose items in your car can be a serious safety hazard. Listen as I explain why and how to fix the problem so no one gets hurt.


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