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This is our final conversation in our bonus FAITHFUL episodes where we are talking with the women behind the new FAITHFUL project (faithfulproject.com) –– a project uplifting womens' voices in the telling and re-telling of the story of the Gospel. Brought to you by our friends at David C. Cook Publishing, Integrity Music, and Compassion International.

Budding singer-songwriter Taylor Leonhardt (taylorleonhardt.com) traces the windy road from her Texas roots, to donning some Carolina shoes, and eventually trading all that in for a pair of Nashville boots during a conversation lined with multi-generational lingo and all things FAITHFUL project. Taylor loves relating to and working with all ages, and this conversation is the proof. So c'mon in and be delighted by the youth and gentleness of Taylor Leonhardt.

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FAITHFUL is a collaboration of ministry partners who have produced a book, an album, and a tour of live events.

Highlighting God’s faithfulness to women throughout Scripture through to present day, Faithful collects stories, lyrics, photos, and art created and curated by some of the most thought-provoking and influential Christian artists and authors of our time.

The Faithful book and the album, FAITHFUL: Go and Speak, are now available at faithfulproject.com.


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