6: White Body Supremacy, Healing from Racial Trauma, Black Women and Creation | Resmaa Menakem


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In this episode I have the pleasure of talking to the incredible Resmaa Menakem, a Healer, best-selling author, and trauma specialist.
Resmaa helps people, communities, and organisations find strength in healing historical and racialised trauma – carried in the body and the soul – that is holistic and resilient. He is a cultural trauma navigator and helps people rise through the suffering’s edge. He is a communal provocateur and coach, a Senior Fellow with The Meadows Institute and considers it his job in this moment to make the invisible visible.
I have the pleasure of hearing more about Resmaa's journey from social work to healing historical and racialised trauma. We talk about the beautiful inspiration behind the name of his book, My Grandmother's Hands. We also talk about the concept of 'white body supremacy'. The immaturity of white body supremacy and the barrier it creates anti-racism and healing. We talk about healing from racialised trauma, Black women and creation, and Resmaa’s best-selling book, My Grandmother’s Hands.
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You can connect with Resmaa on his Instagram @resmaamenakem and Linktree page to download a free racialized trauma course
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