Bonus Episode - Fear Street 1994 (Netflix)


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On this bonus episode, Andy and Alyssa discuss the first installment of Netflix's new Fear Street series! (NOTE: Spoilers begin at 9:12!) Along the way, they discuss book store chains of yore, pulp and low art, class resentment, amorality, coded and not-so-coded queer characters, illicit economies, small-town conspiracies, racist power dynamics in horror, the Jet song "Timothy" (2003), transphobia, Carmen Maria Machado's In the Dream House (2019), 19th-century literary realism and naturalism, cool villain montages, defibrillators, Blades of Glory (2007), gruesome practical effects, and slashers through the ages. Thanks to Horror Movies & Stuff (@MrHorror on Twitter) for the advanced screening pass. // Music by Haunted Corpse // Follow @saypodanddie on Twitter and Instagram, and get in touch at

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