418: The Power of Speaking Your Truth and How It Positively Impacts Your Health | Fearne Cotton


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Watch the full video interview on YouTube here: https://bit.ly/fearnecotton418

Fearne Cotton (IG: @fearnecotton) is an author, one of the best known and most popular broadcasters in the UK and is most recently known as the Founder of the wellbeing brand, Happy Place.

She hosts the Happy Place podcast that has over 40 million downloads and continues to top the charts.

In 2019 Fearne hosted two live Happy Place Festivals, the Festival went virtual in 2020.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Fearne finding out she had a massive cyst on one of her vocal cords
  • The esoteric meaning behind the throat chakra
  • How Fearne's life perspective has changed with age
  • Speaking your truth
  • Happiness derived from the simple things in life
  • Being in showbiz can be exciting but it won't make you happy
  • How Fearne felt the day her book Happy hit the bookshelves
  • Moving into a new phase of life after suffering from depression
  • What is stopping us from tapping into spirituality?
  • Enneagram: the self-awareness tool
  • Build discipline and structure into your daily routine
  • Finding more time to be idle
  • Pivoting into the world of wellbeing
  • Fearne’s mom introduced spirituality to her at a young age
  • Practice surrendering with yoga nidra meditations
  • Fearne's dream of being in showbiz from a young age
  • How planning for motherhood helped Fearne overcome her eating disorder, bulimia
  • The transition from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle
  • What Fearne eats in a typical day
  • EMDR therapy for trauma
  • Focusing on family and work
  • What to do when you’re having a panic attack
  • The distinction between mental health and mental illness

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