Clancy Rodgers: Conspiracy Science, The Mark Of The Beast, Basic Bitches & Bitcoin Ransom


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"I'm not leaving the world for my children the way the boomers left the world for us."

In this wide ranging conversation with Clancy Rodgers from Citadel 21 U.S. who is also a Hodling Artist, Tolling Queen, Big Titty Toxic Bitch & the author of What Happens When Walmart Buys $1 Billion Of Bitcoin? recently published in Bitcoin Magazine, Clancy zooms in to talk about how her family's photos were hacked, the death of her ego, shitposting on Facebook & Twitter, the 2020 election, Obama, Melinda & Bill Gates, the Clinton Foundation, woke left cancel culture, civil war, Covid-19, the CDC, the memes & toxicity, normies, the battle between dark & light, her fuck you status & how Bitcoin holds everyone accountable & so much more.

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