Hormone and Nutrition Testing, What You Need to Know


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Does hormone and nutrition testing really help you get a better idea of your health and needs? A colleague of mine asked about my thoughts on these two very particular tests regarding hormone and nutrition testing. I wanted to share with all of you the answer I gave and why I feel the way I do on this particular topic.

I will be explaining why these tests can be helpful, and why I also think you should do other things before getting these tests done depending on where you are in your journey. These tests only tell you that something is wrong but they don’t tell you what is causing the problem.
Come listen so you can learn about the things you can do prior to going to get these tests run and where you should be focusing your effort initially.

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In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • Does hormone and nutrition testing help?
  • Why might someone want these tests done?
  • What happens after the results come in?
  • Supplements aren't helpful if your body is having trouble absorbing them
  • Your body slows dramatically after giving birth
  • Your body is in this survival state
  • Prolong healing time with foods you are eating
  • Inability to get the nutrients you need
  • Not being able to absorb the nutrients
  • Don’t invest in a bunch of tests as your first step
  • Your first priority is to address your gut health
  • Deficiency levels are different based on where you live
  • Some tests won't give you the correct information
  • After addressing your gut health, you need to address your sleep
  • If you’re not getting enough sleep you can’t regulate your nutrient levels
  • Then you need to address stress, negative self-talk, and trauma
  • These three things dictate hormone balance
  • These components are so essential to addressing the woman’s whole body
  • Test the digestive health and toxicity levels first before addressing hormones and getting those hormone tests
  • First address the absorption
  • Next sleep and the other components to hormone balance
  • If none of these work then go get testing

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