050: Dr. Amir Reuveny, CEO of Wesper: A New At-Home Tool to Help You Better Understand Your Sleep (And Guide You On What To Do About It!)


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😴 How Dr. Amir became focused on sleep health

😴 What led him to create his app, Wesper

😴 What is Wesper and how does it fill a gap in the market

😴 The importance of combining wellness and medical grade insights for sleep tracking

😴 How Wesper helps the user to find actionable steps to improve their sleep

😴 What makes Wesper more comprehensive than other sleep tracking devices

😴 What respiratory rate can tell us about our sleep

😴 Inclusion of a sleep specialist in the program

😴 Length of time to utilize Wesper

😴 How Wesper simplifies sleep health and how the technology works


Dr. Amir Reuveny is the founder and CEO of Wesper (formerly Tatch), an at-home digital platform for sleep diagnostics and treatment. Amir has rich management experience as a Major in the elite intelligence unit at the Israeli Defense Forces, where he initiated and delivered multimillion-dollar, interdisciplinary projects. Dr. Reuveny has received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Information Systems from The University of Tokyo, pioneering the development of ultraflexible electronics, and holds bachelor degrees with honors in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Technion.


Website: https://wesper.co/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amirreuveny/
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