Sukkah 6 - July 13, 4 Av


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Today's daf is sponsored by Deborah Aschheim (Weiss) NYC "with much thanks to Hashem for the very speedy refuah shlema of Robert Weiss (Aaron ben Chana) from very recent partial knee replacement. Thank you to the entire staff of HSS for restoring Robert's life. And also with gratitude for the refuah slema of Yaacov Shimon ben Yisraela." And by Malka Abraham in honor of her father, Chaim Goodman's 97th birthday. "My dad has always been supportive of my continuing to learn. Even at 97, he is a sweet, kind, caring dad."

When Rav Chiya bar Ashi says that requisite amounts, barriers, and walls are halacha l'Moshe m'Sinai, to what was he referring? Aren't some of those learned out from the Torah? The gemara answers these questions and explains what is meant by each of these terms. There is a debate between the rabbis and Rabbi Shimon regarding how many walls does a sukkah need - two whole walls and a third that is only one handbreadth? Or three whole walls and a fourth that is one handbreadth? What is the root of their debate? The gemara brings five possibilities.

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