Ep 10: 5 Areas to Have Covered to Retire Before Age 65


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On today’s episode, we’re sharing some things you need to have in place to retire before the age of 65. Here are five areas you need to have covered so you can transition to that next stage of your life.

Read more and get additional financial resources here: https://lifemoneyshow.com/podcast/ep-10-5-areas-to-have-covered-to-retire-by-age-65/540/

What we discuss on this episode:

4:11 – Want to retire before 65?

5:14 – Have enough money

14:53 – Have a plan for health insurance

19:20 – Have a plan for non-retirement accounts

22:40 – Have a plan for Social Security

28:14 – Have a plan for your life

30:15 – Summary

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