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Angel investor Paul Silva has an idea about how to help startups after they exit accelerators. Launch413 is taking the friction out of getting and giving advice to founders. Great chat with a fun guest who is also a listener.


  • Sal Daher Introduces Angel Investor Paul Silva
  • “…because they're a first-time founder, so they're going to make all the first-timer mistakes. We don't want to pay the tuition bill for them to learn, right?”
  • “…a lot of great founders out there that don't…have access to those things, and so angels…say no because they're inexperienced. That drove me nuts. That was the problem that inspired Launch413.”
  • “…providing each of our entrepreneurs a virtual C-suite of executive coaches.”
  • “…we get compensation…through a royalty sharing agreement with the entrepreneurs. We don't take any equity.”
  • 413 Portfolio Startup IgnitePost Greatly Improves Responses to Sales Calls
  • 413 Portfolio Startup Apprentiscope Takes the Friction Out of Hiring Interns
  • Super Angel Jay Batson’s Back Story and Revenue Based Finance
  • Sal’s Portfolio Company AceUp Makes Coaching Easy for Large Enterprises
  • Sal Daher Asks Paul Silva About Ways to Back Early-Stage Biotech Startups
  • Eric Ries’ Podcast Out of the Crisis
  • Sal’s Critique of Syndications – Paul Silva’s Response
  • QSM Diagnostics – Doing a Lot with Modest Funding
  • Savran Tech., Purdue Company with Ultra-Rare Cell Technology
  • Waseem Daher of Pilot on Why You Can’t Have Too Many Angels
  • “As an angel, I love that my money is helping do all the things, but I really want to do more. I want to help.”
  • Paul Silva Brainstorms Ways to Help Purdue Connect with Angels
  • “There's a huge gap in what happens after the entrepreneur launches the company.”
  • “He joined a group of these angel investors in New England where they ride in their motorcycle and they listen to angel pitches in different towns in New England”

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