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Where are you in your career pursuit? Are you currently on your journey to choosing a career or are you changing your career? In this episode of the You Soulful Genius Podcast, my guest and I talked about the emerging threats & opportunities in choosing a career in life.

Mr Abiola Ashubiojo, an accountant, financial expert and the CEO of Ashman Consult, highlighted reasons many people are not able to get hired in the career of their choice.

He mentioned that having great business acumen, understanding industry knowledge and readiness to provide value and standout are the key factors contributing being hired in a career of choice.

Ashman consult provides organisations with financial services which include revenue Generation, product promotion, agency banking, financial inclusion, and retail banking services amongst others.

Ashman Consult also contribute to the community by facilitating free masterclass to small business owners and individuals looking to pursue careers in the accounting and financial sector.

To contact Ashman Consult, follow any of the links below.

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