Mojtaba Kaliqi - "Marry the Process, Divorce the Result"


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Throughout his life, he’d endured many hardships. His family brought him over as a refugee and he worked HARD to change the person he was. He began working and getting a steady income, but he knew, that even though it was comfortable, he wanted more freedom.

Freedom to be able to express his religious beliefs how he wanted. Freedom to be able to have his own schedule. So he began investing in himself!

When Mojtaba came to the One Funnel Away Challenge he learned to "Marry the Process, and Divorce the Result." Something that many entrepreneurs have a hard time with. But with his ability to be coached and humble enough to do what Russell says, he was able to see success!

This is an awesome conversation that you do not want to miss!!

Don’t forget to check out Mojtaba’s TikTok Channel (which will also take you to his other locations) by going here: @moekh786

Find out how he utilized his Social Media audience to get his customers to come through his funnel as well! Tons of golden nuggets on this episode of the show!

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