Summer Fun with Taylor Sumption (BTO)


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  • Welcome to a Summer Fun episode
  • Today’s Head of the Class Listener Reviews are brought to you today by Geringhoff. They are head of the class, no matter the crop. Premium harvesting heads for all of your harvest needs. Our listener reviews are exactly what we need to fuel our energy each week and Geringhoff is exactly what you need to maximize your harvest each year.
    • Thomas French – I recommend the Farm4Profit Podcast! They do two styles one is like an educational one and then they do one for fun that can be really entertaining.
  • Commercial – Kimberly Ag
    • Family owned, focused on finding the right equipment for your needs, variety of experiences
    • Field day in September 15 & 16
  • @taylorsumption Taylor Sumption
    • Married, kids
    • BTO
    • TBF connection
    • Oats in stores -
      • John Deere 45 combining oats
        • corn, beans, what else?
        • does have some irrigation on corn
        • saw him chopping - so cattle too?
    • droughts....South Dakota
      • wet fall of 2020 - snow - october snow 3 yrs in a row
    • scouting corn in Jeep Wrangler
    • pilot - best therapy is above the clouds
    • using covercrops
    • Any health issues?
      • July 2018 - crashed his truck, unresponsive, girl found him, life-lighted in helicopter
    • Any family hardships?
    • What's on your mind?
      • Other hobbies?
      • What’s it like staying connected to TikTok followers
        • How did you grow that audience
  • Larger Discussions – Segments
    • Farm4Profit Experience 12/2/2021 and 12/3/2021
    • Harry Stine talking about Dicamba
  • BW Fusion Reminder
  • Summerfun connections
    • thomas to ag pilot to sumption to cattle guy

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