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Welcome back! On this episode I am joined by three AMAZING Black Life Coaches, Jeffrey Wotherspoon, Michael Roper and Samuel Onagoruwa. We discuss different aspects of Representation of Black Males within the ever growing Life Coaching Community, as well as each of them sharing a range of their experiences
Jeffrey is an Executive and Life Coach, International Trainer, and Conflict Resolution Specialist with a BSc (Hons) Psychology. In addition, he is a Trustee for ‘Peer Power’ Charity, a member of the Association for Coaching (AC), and on the Advisory Board for culture at Work’- a leading global Coaching company that offers Coach Training to Senior executives worldwide.

His background is in youth work, with extensive experience in the criminal justice system. Over the years he has worked on the frontline with some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people who were involved with gangs, county lines, and serious youth violence. As well as working with adult high-risk offenders.

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Michael first started mentoring and coaching in community groups and prisons in the mid-90s where he taught Ancient African History. He has an international corporate background, which he left to transition into full-time entrepreneurship. His coaching clients are entrepreneurs, business owners and start-ups and works both face to face and digitally, whatever his clients prefer.

He says “ The human mind is the only complex piece of equipment that does not come with an instruction manual. The moment you learn how to operate it properly with deliberate intent, anything and everything becomes possible "

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I am blessed to have over 10,000 coaching hours behind me. I currently lecture part time at the University of Hertfordshire and collaborate with other universities and H.E institutes as well coaching within maximum security prisons such as Belmarsh H.M.P. Working with vulnerable children and high risk youth offenders as part of a coaching program that I have in partnership with my local council requires me to be fluid and accommodating.

Recently with the University of The Arts London I have coached non-binary students and LGBTQ+ who are making the transition from full time education to full time employment. I am proud to say that I am a coach with the Young Women’s Trust. An organisation that I hold dear to my heart. My honesty and passion resonates with all including clients from Northern America to West Africa and Eastern Europe.
I recently designed a program ''social intelligence from a black perspective'' My background is corporate as I was an international account manager for one Britain's largest retailers for almost a decade which allowed me to lead teams in the UK, Europe and Bangalore India.
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