#111 Eating for Arthritis with Emily Johnson from Arthritis Foodie


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Today I speak with the wonderful Emily Johnson, a patient expert living with seronegative arthritis for 7 years who has been documenting her journey through food, lifestyle, stress and its impact on her chronic condition on the “Arthritis Foodie” on social media.

Through starting an online community, Emily discovered all kinds of natural remedies, lots of conflicting advice as well as healthy ways to live with arthritis. She’s since written an amazon number 1 best selling book with contributions from a number of experts including rheumatologists, immunologists and more.

Today we talk about :

  • Emily Diagnosis story
  • Owning your arthritis and long term conditions in general
  • Her process of discovering triggers
  • Inflammation fighting foods
  • Why a mediterranean diet is a good starting point
  • Strategies for Pain management
  • CBD, Exercise and Supplements
  • Why stress has a significant impact

Check out her book “Beat Arthritis Naturally” and episodes on inflammation with Dr Jenna on previous episodes of the Doctor’s Kitchen podcast.

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