1215 | Jordan B. Peterson: “Just Because You Can’t Do Any Damage Doesn’t Mean You’re Moral."


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On today’s episode, Dr. Jordan Peterson highlights the value of setting boundaries. Jordan recounts that there are instances where you sacrifice yourself to create a persona because you want to get other people to like you. However, the problem arises when the line between what’s enough and too much gets obscured.
Don’t confuse harmlessness with morality. In other words, just because you can’t do any damage doesn’t necessarily mean you’re moral. It just means that you’re someone who has no capability for mayhem—a pushover.
Finally, stand up for yourself and learn to say no. Otherwise, people will keep on encroaching on you. Set boundaries and limits because the takers typically don’t have any.
Source: Jordan Peterson: You can't please people. Stand for yourself!
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