Tshuvos and Poskim-Chasidisha Psak- The Komarner Rebbe Ztvk"l-No Adjustments Necessary: - Days defined by the Zohar-Rubber Times and Accounting for the Tilt of the Planet


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As the summer begins to wane

and our Zmanei Tefillah shift and seem to contract

The Issur Ben Tzvi Hersh

Tshuvos and Poskim Shiur

Continued its series

examining the distinct approaches of Poskim and Meshivim

that arose from the Adas HaChasidim in the generations following

Rav Yisroel Baal Shem Tov

זצוק'ל זי'ע

This episode was presented by

the well known Mekubal and Sofer

Rav in Schechunas Barnea


Eretz Yisroel

HaRav Nosson Nota Glick

הרב נתן נטע גליק שליט'א

an elucidation of the approach towards Davening and Mitzvah Times

developed by one of the greatest

Masters of Mystic Thought of the Nineteenth Century

הרה'ג מופת הדור צדיק וקדוש

מחבר נפלאה בכל מקצועות התורה

מלאך ה צבאקות

האדמו'ר המפורסם בין האריאלים

רבי יצחק אייזיק יהודה יחיאל ספרין


זצוק״ל זי״ע

The Rav examined one of the Komarna Rebbe's most important and controversial Psakim

which has relevance every day of our lives

emblematic of an approach that gives such important weight to the Zohar HaKodesh

and reflects astute comprehension of living in a shifting variegated world

according to Static Halachic paradigms

The latest entry in our series

Chasidishe Psak


Rav Meir Margolis

the Alter Rebbe and the Haaflah


The Shevet HaLevi

זצוק'ל זי'ע

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