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If you are someone who has that undeniable pull to be a light in the world, inspire action and hope, and leave a legacy for good... today’s podcast is for you.

Woody Allen said, “80% of success is just showing up.”

However, host Sarah Boxx reminds us, "Showing up, ready or not, can feel a bit scary and somewhat intimidating. Sometimes showing up can feel inconvenient, so it's easy to delay, defer or decline a commitment or even something you want to do."

Sarah shares a story of her resilience in holding fast to commitments. She has a weekly meeting with like-minded women leaders to discuss goals and deadlines on project work. She explains, "We all expect things to go a certain way in our lives, but we're all women leaders with families jobs, and other obligations and many have kids at home. We are the ones who set our progress markers and they are arbitrary. I'm the person I'm holding myself accountable to them. But sharing them, what worked and what didn't, that's the journey.

If you'd ever wish you had space where you can be part of a group, where you can find belonging and connection as leaders, you've found it. Looking to connect with other powerful women? Start here! Let's continue to create positive change in our daily lives and in the world.

Join me for an introductory workshop on August 3rd - 11am. Request your link HERE. You can also reach out via our website: www.SarahBoxx.com/contact.

Remember to be part of the positive change you wish to see!

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