2000: Making Sure That You Can Run the Organisation Your Product Needs to Maximize Success with Anthony Minessale II Founder and Owner of Signal Wire Inc


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Anthony Minessale II is the Founder and CEO of SignalWire, an enterprise CPaaS that delivers advanced FreeSWITCH as a Service through an elastic-cloud framework and developer-friendly APIs. He has 25+ years of experience in software engineering, telecommunications and open source. In founding SignalWire, Tony’s mission to bring the complex technology behind real-time communication to the mainstream came to light.

“Make sure what you are doing is something that you want to be doing. It will make it a lot easier. Be sure it’s really what you want to be doing because it’s a key ingredient that breeds the ability to move on when it is not the best days – if you really want… Really wanting it is most of the battle”…[Listen for More]

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