Your Guide to a CHEAP + EASY "Staycation" Wedding Planning Retreat


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How are you supposed to manage all the stress of daily life ON TOP OF trying to plan a wedding on our own, with a million different opinions, options, and outside factors pulling me in a million different directions?

While I cannot send your future mother in law to therapy, or predict the future of an ever-evolving pandemic virus that has put life into a tailspin for coming up on two years now, or convince your boss to let you have a week off to plan your wedding uninterrupted, I DO have a great solution for you if you’re feeling like wedding stuff is about to be the straw that broke your back, on top of all the other challenges life is serving up.

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we're going to walk through planning your very own WEEKEND WEDDING PLANNING RETREAT. Whether you chose to staycation at a cheap hotel, hop in the car or board a plane, there is so much value in shaking things up a bit, getting away from home, and giving yourself the gift of TIME + FOCUS on wedding stuff, uninterrupted, for 48 hours.

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