Butch May - Part 5


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Butch Discusses:
- The Mixed game, Eileen Clancy and seeing how talented she was as a young 10 year old kid playing with Jack Jensen, and the fact that she could drink a beer like no one's business, and asked her to play, a classic Butch and Barbara May Marine street mixed open story when they decided to forfeit when they weren't getting along, much to the chagrin of tournament director -Mike Cook, some of the talented mixed players he competed against, including Matt Gage, Nina Gruenwinkel (Matthies), Rose Duncan, Captain Buzz Swarts, Ron Lang, Mike O'Hara, Edie Conrad, Johnette Latreille, Gene Selznick, Jim Savage, and Sandy Malpee, to name a few, riding motorcycles in his spare time with Al Wurtzel, surfing with Mike Bright, and working with him at Rick's Surfboards (later Becker Surfboards) and getting paid with a surfboard!, a classic story of playing rugby with the owner of Mattel Toys!, and how grateful he is to have met the amazing people he has thanks to the sport of volleyball....

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