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This challenge is literally for EVERYONE!! Including those who practice law! Yeah that’s right, even Attorneys such as Shevelle McPherson!

Shevelle started a business where she was able to implement the skillsets she acquired as an attorney, to help consult other entrepreneurs with legal matters. Her goal: To help entrepreneurs become profitable AND protected! You’ll hear her say it: “It’s sexy to not only make money, but to also keep that money.”

Today you’ll hear how she was able to utilize the products she had already created, and structured her own funnel to help build her clientele and keep those relationships with her clients.

Listen as Shevelle drops some golden nuggets on why EVERYONE should have a funnel! She’ll provide real life examples on why she thinks this, and we’ll learn more about her funnel structure as well!

If you don’t know about funnels, this is an absolutely fantastic interview to listen to! And make sure to contact Shevelle if you would like to follow her and/or utilize her services:

Instagram: @shevellemcpherson


And if you would like to take the One Funnel Away Challenge and watch it change your business completely, come and join us at and see for yourself!

We’ll see you in the Challenge!!

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