Unique Real Estate Investing Tax Strategies With Kc Chohan


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Have you ever struggled to invest because you didn't want to have to pay high taxes? Have you ever wanted to eliminate property taxes and capital gains? When you put your assets into a specific trust, you get this opportunity and enter into an elite status with paying no and low taxes on your properties. You WON'T want to miss this 153 episode of Discovering Multifamily with Kc Chohan!
We discuss:

  • KC’s background and what got him interested in investing in real estate
  • His occupation and how that plays a role in real estate investing
  • Taking small companies into multi-billion dollar companies
  • The secret to paying no and low taxes to Uncle Sam. Is the strategy universal?
  • Will this strategy work if we qualify as real estate professionals?
  • Difference between capital gains and cost segregation study
  • Benefit in hiring someone like KC into a real estate investing business

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