Fighting For Freedom of Speech: The Alternative to Facebook


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Our freedom of speech is under attack...

Big Tech dictates what we can see, read, and discuss, and if left unchecked, Big Tech’s bias will destroy all independent thought.

Thankfully, one social media entrepreneur is committed to preventing this from happening. Mark Weinstein, who’s founder and chairman of the new social network MeWe, says he knew this was his calling in 2011 when he heard Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg say, “The social norm is just something that’s evolved over time.”The rise of online social networking should not mean that people no longer have an expectation of privacy.

Mark is world-renowned as a leading privacy advocate and has more than 20 year’s experience in privacy and social media. MeWe’s unbiased platform is described as the anti-Facebook… providing folks around the world with an ad-free communication network they can trust.

Join Trish and Mark on this week’s edition of American Consequences podcast for an in-depth discussion about free speech, Big Tech, and how MeWe is changing the social media landscape for good.

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