TRUTH IS KING! Andy ‘Da Cron-Goat’ King joins the Turtle Gang, Nikki ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ Van Dijk + Shimmy Disco Stoyle for a No-Holes-Barred, Nug-Dropping Extravaganza!


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Picture Albert Einstein, if Einey was the son of a hash-importing gangtser, who could also pack a ten foot nugs at Vooey and Pipeline. Now you’re beginning to comprehend the strange genius that dwells inside the battered cranium of Da Cron-Goat, Andy King.

We’ve had some big names and ballsy characters on this program but Kingy takes the mull cake in this one. The new coach of Brazilian superfreakazoid, Gabriel Medina, delivers the crem de la cron in this absolute stoinker of a waffle. ARE. YOU. KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDING. ME.

Not to be outdone, the Turtle Gang (Nikki ‘The Raging Bull Rainbow Serpent’ Van Dijk and Dimity ‘Shimmy Disco’ Stoyle) bring the caviar and disco biscuits to close it out.

Pack one, pop one, rip one, sip one, strap in or strap on, Swellians, this one’s gonna tear you a newy.

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