Mortal Cone Off! ft. Pete Mel, Morgz, Griff Colapinto plus Lennox locals tell Wozzle To Shuvit


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It’s a gold cone piece winning spectacular coming to you live from inside the belly of Mavericks as Pete Mel recalls the most monstro cone ever ridden at California’s heaviest outer reef. Smiv and Deadly sit in on the council meeting that ended any hopes of pro surfing coming to Lennox Head, Paul Morgan takes you over the ledge on the most disgusting churned out deep sea bombie corn holing ever and Smiv talks to Surfing Australia’s resident psychologist about the reasons why pro surfers are losing their minds. There’s also the Stab Surfer of the Year results, the West Oz domination of 2020’s best surf flicks and what about that cunt who sent it on his jet ski during the North Shore’s day of days?!!!! Aaaaah surfing… what a glorious fucking mess you are. We’d be nothing without you! Rip in! UTFS!!!

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