#019 - What to do when stock market is bleeding


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What to do when stock market is bleeding?

How to take advantage of stock market crash? What to do when stock market goes down? Where to put your money before stock market crashes? What should you do when stock market crashes?

This podcast is for everyone who wants to peacefully navigate through phase when stock market is bleeding & who want to learn powerful steps to keep compounding their money.

In this podcast, you will learn the following:

  • How to react when stock market is falling?
  • What criteria should be used to allocate capital?
  • What to do if we are getting sleepless nights?
  • How do people lose money in stock market?
  • How do you crash proof your portfolio?
  • How to protect the investments from crash?
  • Why is risk aggregation important?
  • How do you profit from a market crash?
  • Why is it important to have a balanced portfolio?
  • How to have a balanced portfolio?
  • What is core-satellite portfolio construct?
  • How to do satellite portfolio strategy during crisis management?

You will also learn how TechnoFunda Investing process can help you to make profits when stock market is bleeding & how to you make money on a losing stock?

And by the time you are done with this episode, you will have absolute clarity and understanding about what to do and what not to do when the market is bleeding.

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Disclaimer: Only for educational purpose. Kindly consult your financial advisor for implementation based on your risk profile.

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