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More fun conversations with Marian! A continuation from the last week's episode.

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Last week on the show.

When you move to a different country yes, the salary compared to the Philippines is higher, but the expenses here. So I rent here is almost cost of one salary.

Yeah, it's the same.

This week on the gleeful talk show.

if you were given a chance, would you spend a night at the luxurious hotel and all that fancy thing, or would you spend it in a camping experience in this beautiful place?

Hey, there is St. Thanks for tuning in. I know everyone has gone through a lot, not only the past year, but as well as in the present moment, know that you are not alone in this journey. I myself have days and sometimes weeks of being down most, especially that I am away from my family and friends and only know a few people here in Australia.

I encourage you to connect and reconnect with your most trusted people. No matter how far they are physically, or perhaps pursue

New hobbies and horizons as change is the only constant thing in life. And we have to cope for those. Having a hard time, please do reach out to for professional help and prioritize your mental


This is the second part of my conversation with Maria and of Tita detox. If you haven't listened to the first part, I suggest you go and have a listen. If you have listened previously, thank you for your continued support.

a lot of people though here, they prefer, living in the suburbs, which is like an hour away from the city. But for me I don't know for you, are you living in the city center where you are in here? Yes, but we're not really close to the, downtown.

They say it's more like a bus ride away. So It's not that expensive, I would say, but most of us were actually, can barely afford a home. You can rent, usually are on apartments and , rentals Yeah. Yeah. Same a lot of people here prefer, even in Australia, they prefer living in the suburbs because even them, , it's hard for them as well.

the housing and real estate, but for us, I still prefer living in the city because I think maybe cause us Filipinos, we really prefer the city. We're not really. Yeah. Only few Filipinos are really too into nature and too grew up poor. We grew up poor. that's actually one thing that was asked.

we had a game during one of our lunch meetings, something, something. So we were asked if you were given a chance, would you spend a night at the luxurious hotel and all that fancy thing, or would you spend it in a camping experience in this beautiful place?

The Canadian. We're all in the camping, the Filipinos were all in the hotel and we were talking in Filipino that's because we all live in a poor country. Everyday is a camping, camping day. Like we struggle with water. We struggle with electricity. They don't experience that here. So they go for camping.

Yeah, exactly. Same with Australians aside from that, they have like really good like water supply at all. Right. But they are really into nature. I mean, it's just also the nature here. People here are too into nature. Yeah, same with Canadians. they go crazy during summer.

They go camping all of every summer, even with bears, , there's a alert. Cause my boss right now, there was a warning that the area where her cabin is had bear sightings. So they were asked if possible, do not go camping until, , it's clear from the bears and all that.

She did not. She still went on camping every year. She does camping every weekend. So she didn't care about that. But isn't this an Australia you have like, the creepy crawlies I've heard about the, insects and the animals that are very poisonous. And I dunno, is that a certain place in Australia people who live in the suburbs.

So they have like very big spiders in their home. That's why I don't want to live in a house in the suburbs I have a friend, also a very good friend. She lives in the suburbs as well. They have a house and the surroundings is still nature. They can see kangaroos. So you asked, they're like neighbors and they go hopping there and stuff.

So, but me, I prefer to live the city without spiders or

yeah. Cause that's one thing. Yeah. I heard from Australia that, it's very popular with with Nikki Heeks I think, well, this is one side of it. Of course this is just one side, the national geographic side of Australia. I've heard about the poisonous spiders and all the snakes and sharks.

And I don't even know what, what I was watching, but that was one of the national geographic videos watched before common and still in households, because even like that was one friend. I have another friend she lived in the sunshine coast before they lived in a, like, also like a house. So it's not a building They see snakes, you know, like,, It's just okay. It's normal, , they just see these creatures. And for me, it's like, no, I wouldn't want to, , we're scared. Yeah. When they grow up and, , growing up with the, with the bears for, in my case, I guess that's why, that's why it's very common.

And they don't really care about that. Cause cause that's Filipinos, we were were, were telling my boss not own, don't go there. , the bears are very huge and that , they can harm you, but she didn't care. And the funny thing is after that weekend, when we had a meeting again, she even showed us a picture.

The bear, the bear, her backyard. She was like, oh yeah, I did see a bear. the Filipinos. Our team was like, how are you? So proud? It's a bear!. Yeah, I guess It's common to them. I guess this is one thing that we also Filipinos have when we see other What do we have for the piece of everything?

Cockroaches Cockroaches? and rats Yeah. Yeah. We don't. Well, unless the cockroaches are flying, but it's common to us. I don't like cockroaches I live poor, but I still don't love them. Me too.I mean, who does, who does when they're flying, right? Oh yeah. Yeah. You're, you're brave enough when they're just steady crawling and all that, but then they start flying, oh my God..

So I guess that's, that's our equivalent of the bears and the snakes. It's so funny. Even, I don't know, during the pandemic, if there are some news there that Australians were with the toilet paper. I don't know about. Yeah, I think it was a couple of days before we go into full lockdown.

Well actually we had the announcement a week before the actual implementation. So we had a week of people going to actually it's even more than a week if I'm not mistaken, it's more than a week before, , the actual lockdwon. So we had several days to buy and all that, but the next day after it was announced, the next day t I mean, it was like crazy. Everything was gone. Paper towel , facial tissues, any type of issue was gone yeah. For some reason, postal here seem like even people were in, in Facebook, mark themselves safe from the toilet paper shortage. It's like that. And it was all over Tiktok as well. And even in the Philippines, they heard about Australia, , having shortage toilet paper, which is funny to me, funny for us, I feel as Filipinos.

I mean, like we still use tissue tissue, but to live without it. Right. We can use the natural way. Yep. That's true. That's true. So that's why they say Filipinos are safe from the whole zombie tissue thing that happened, 'Coz Filipinos, we're like. Okay, we're fine if there's no tissue, but doing the time that I went on the superstore grocery, it was actually really empty.

Like nothing even faced issue, , the Kleenex and all that. Everything was gone. During your full lockdown, was it like, even people are still allowed to go in right Let's say it's already locked down, but the essential stores or the groceries are still open, right? Yes. Yes.

That's still hoard. Right? That's true. There was actually after the lockdown, like I guess I would say two weeks after the lockdown, we can go and pick up. No matter how many tissues that that they're available. But then I guess after that they had a limit. So when new supplies came in, they had a limit of like two or one something package for just one person per family.

They actually had a limit on the number of people. So grocery or superstores, grocery stores, sorry. That's what they call up here. So the stores here are called grocery Superstore. It's actually one of the most famous big stores here, like Costco, but I keep on referring them a superstore, but yeah, the grocery stores were open, but they were on to like 25% capacity.

So the lines were long, really, really long.Would that be the same cas e with you during the same here as well. We had limits as well for cereal, for whatever you have there's limit. Yeah. Yeah, because for some reason people hoarded something, even pastas um, yeah, no, have that. I mean, the tissues were yeah.

Were accepted, but the other food there, I mean, pasta and cereals were okay, but cereals. Yeah, yeah, And also like sanitizers as well. But yeah, everything had the limit at that time. Everything because people just hoard and yeah, there was funny, So what funny story when you first arrived in Canada I don't know if I would say this as funny or. If humiliating, but I definitely remember my first ever winter. So I didn't know how to walk, , cause there's a training. Well, not really, but there's a technique in walking cause it's very slippery.

So if it's knowing it's okay. I mean snow it's definitely better than after. It stops snowing and it's kind of melting and then again, the temperature gets colder. The snow turns into like, , the Popsicle thing, it's clear, it's super slippery. So you have to walk a certain way to make sure not to fall down.

So during my first winter So the roads were slippery. There it's a mess. I was going off the bus and I don't know if it's the same in Australia, but the buses here, we kind of have like a back door or rear door. So that's one way for you to go out of the bus.

So I followed this guy and this guy went out and when the door opened, there was like a block of snow. That was covered the walkway were cleared. And so the snows were put on the side, so happened that the bus did not stop at that particular area for the bus stop. So it kind of moved. And so the snow were blocking the door.

So the guy before me, all he did was step on it and then hop over and he was able to go out. I tried it thinking that it would just be easy cause it's my first snow so experienced. So I thought I could just do it. I mean, it's nothing I can jump. It was so slippery. I slipped and hit my head and to avoid being humiliated.

I, I pretended to be like, I was unconscious.

I thought that I could get away with it because that the guy before me was able to do it, I didn't get to do it. So I thought that, , to save myself from the embarrassment, I would just pretend, and then maybe someone would help me. And , something's to save myself. Yeah. Nobody helped.

Nobody came to stand up on my own, shake it off. And that's when I realized that if it's winter never, ever go out the rear door, cause it's always, always, there's a possibility that the snow will block that area. So from then on, I have been learning how to. Cope with winter. Definitely. One thing that you would learn once you are in a country like here, where winter is well in my area, at least, or winter is really bad.

You have to walk a certain way. You have to know where to again, to go out of the bus. That was the most humiliating one. And I actually sued not really sued, but I went and claim damage from the city because of that really? Oh, I did. I did. Yeah, because I was working with the city at that time. So I told them about what happened.

They said, no, that should not happen because The bus should stop at a certain area. And this certain area should be cleared from all the snow. Just so happens that the bus that I took did not stop in that exact area. So the rear door was covered with snow. So they told me to go and Sue, I did, but it was just for like a hundred dollars.

Yeah. Yeah. That's a good thing as well with being in the first world country. Right. Because these things you can, , claim like, , in the city in the Philippines , whatever happens to you when the jeepney or something, , it's their fault sometimes even your fault. Yeah, exactly.

It's your fault. No, but who cares? Yeah. You were the dumb one. I guess if this happened in the Philippines, I would just be like laughed off and yeah. Yeah. And you just move on. Yeah. Yeah. The thing is, that's a funny way of learning embarrassing. Yeah. And from then on, I started learning never, ever, ever trust the snow no, it's like too, too shiny.

It's going to be slippery. So you would fall. So that's one problem here with the snow. So I hate snow. I officially same with my husband as well. Like it snows in his city as well. he couldn't comprehend why Filipino was loved snow

for him. snow is annoying. your car, and because of media, I feel, , the movie, the movies, the Hollywood movies, the Christmas movies, where we're made to believe that snow added to the magical factory of opening Christmas gifts. Yeah, It's too cold, that's true. And what so what do you like about the lifestyle in Canada right now? I guess if it's because I live in the province areas of provincial area. So I don't know if this would be the same for those that are living in Toronto or those bigger cities. But I would say that the life here is more of peaceful and laid back.

we don't have the noisy streets and then we don't have too much traffic. if there's traffic here, there's definitely some murder or something that happened along the road, but I can remember just two events where there was traffic and there was car collision at that time.

So it's very laid back. I definitely would say that this is more of the life that you would want if you're too tired of the city, but the thing is I'm not get tired of the city we're not that mature, I guess. If you want to retire maybe and settled down a peaceful life where you just go and eat and shop and, , grocery things, I would definitely say come to Manitoba, come to Winnipeg. it's a laid back life, but I miss the city, the hustle and yeah, I miss the city life.

Yeah, me too. how about. The food there is it's a food, good choices. The varieties. I guess this is the benefit of a diverse country. We have so many options available, so it's not just a Canadian food. We have, Jollibee of course. That's very important to mention. We have Jollibee we have Asian food.

We have Indian foods we actually have a lot, cause every nation that would have their own food, their own restaurant here. So I guess that's one thing that is a benefit of a diverse country. I would assume it would be the same with Australia, but you said you don't have a lot of Filipino community.

in Australia as well actually, Brisbane, there are a few or immigrants compared to Sydney and Melbourne as well.

So that's the downside of it because I mean, it's still diverse, but I guess me coming from Dubai again, food is a whole different level. in Dubai it's easier for me, it's cheaper to buy food outside rather than cook it yourself. So, yeah, because there are a lot of varieties.

So there's competition in pricing. Yeah. But here, I feel that I'm in Asia or something as well, because there are a lot of Korean, Japanese, Chinese foods. Oh I heard only like maybe two Filipino restaurants here, but there are mostly like Vietnamese, Asian, Asian foods are available.

I mean, I mean something closer to our palette, And then my husband and I, like French food I tasted it in Dubai and , our travels, but it's very expensive here, the French food. so if you want an affordable option, you just have the burgers and the Asian foods with which it's not I'm complaining about, but it's the variety is not that much.

I feel, and I heard it from other colleagues who are immigrants as well. So that's what they feel that not so much variety on food where there's no, Jollibee here as well. Not in oh, okay. Okay. But in Australia there there's a job. There's job. The need. There is, there is um, in terms of light, it's like maybe like almost a two hour flight from here.

So I haven't been to Melbourne. So cause we, we transferred here 2019, and then pandemic games. So you were not given a chance to travel yet? Yeah. Yeah, only like within Queensland and I went to Sydney for the passport because my passport expired. So I just went there and then came back. still Sydney is a very, I feel it's very Asian as well.

I feel I noticed some that the food there is you feel like you're in Asia. Well, that's at least better than, I mean, not having any Asian food at all. Like if it's just what's, what's the Australian food, like, I mean, what's the most Australian

thing, fish and chips, all like the UK, UK fish and chips, and they have burger and chips as well. So for them French fries. Oh, okay. Okay. But as far as its fries. So how about Canada? The most Canadian food here is poutine. Like it's what fries with cheese and I don't know. It's, it's very I wouldn't say it's oily, but there's cheese, a lot of cheese.

A lot of, I have. I'm not sure I have it eaten it yet because it was too greasy for me, for me. Okay. But my nephews, they all love it. And I think that's the most Canadian food. Other than being there for six years, you haven't tried. I I'm a very picky eater, so that's just me, but I think it's actually. good because my nephews are also picky eater, but they'd love it. So for six years I still have nottried it, I guess I haven't been convinced yet to try it. Cause it's too greasy for my taste. Sorry. here, before coming to Australia, , I feel like I haven't eaten that much burgers as I have eaten here.

So I count the burgers I eat in Philippines and Dubai. It wouldn't, it wouldn't sum up to how much burgers I ate. Oh yeah, me too. I mean, for me pizza, like the pizza here are also good. I don't know if it's a Canadian thing, but the pizzas are still so good, but I think I have eaten. The twice as much as I have in the Philippines for my whole life in the Philippines, the pizzas here are cheap, very accessible.

I mean, you can order it online. It can be delivered to you whether it's snowing or whatever. So pizzas my counter burgers or the burgers. Oh, so what do you think every Filipino immigrants should know or look out for when they move abroad? I guess it would be if there's one thing that you have to take note, if you are moving to a different country, it's that, as we have mentioned earlier, you will go through a Months or years of depression and it's normal.

It's everybody goes through that phase where you have to question your decisions and you feel like it's a bad move for that. So you have to take note, I guess, that, this is something that you will experience and you have to brace yourself for that. Other than that I would say that you have to make sure to also what else, wait, I'm thinking of things that you can do for yourself, like just I don't know what else do I, because for me it's the mental part.

That was actually the most surprising thing for me. Like I already expected that the language will be different. Of course food would be different. Everything would be different. So I kind of have expected that it's more on the mental state. That really surprised me. Cause when it was said during our training, I was actually more like arrogant sort off.

Like I wouldn't go through that phase. I mean, I have my family here. I have my work. I have, it's a new life. It's something that, but yeah, I did go through it and that's one thing that you have to take notes. So if you are really decided to come or move to a different country, you have to prepare yourself as well.

Emotionally. Yeah, that's a very good tip. Yeah. I can totally relate on that. It's not, yeah. The journey, it has, there are really ups and downs. It's not like a bed of roses, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And that's, that's one thing that you think would happen to you when you do different country.

Like, especially if you have already a job that you will be doing once you arrived at a different country, you think that everything would be okay and you're just be earning more, but it comes with some, some take back, sorry, negative things. And as you mentioned as well, like, we had stable jobs in the Philippines, but when you move abroad, it's always not going to be that way.

So most of the time you go back to zero and also then that adds to your mental status though. Yeah. We our fellow Filipinos should, or any immigrants should be, Be mindful that, really can happen and prepare for that situation. Cause it's not going to be, if you are a boss in previously you're sometimes, or most of the time you will not be the boss.

That's true. You have to start, from the ground as well. That's true. now we're for some fun questions, not really related to immigration or so are you ready? I've catered this specifically for you. So current K drama you're watching right now.

And why should our zesty. Watch it hospital playlist, that's actually my number one K drama right now, currently watching it. I highly recommend it. It's different from all the medical dramas that I've seen because most medical K dramas or medical dramas in particular are usually more on the mystery of a disease and how to resolve it.

This one is more on the interaction, the emotional connection between doctors and patients, patients, and their, their relatives or family, something that's. So it's, it's more of an emotional journey rather than them mystery of solving a medical condition. So I definitely recommend it, Yeah, I noticed that, but Does it have funny moments as well, or it's like really serious? Actually rollercoaster of emotion. Like in one episode alone, you would go from laughing with all the characters, with all the main characters and their interaction with each other because they're friends and then you'll go crying when they're dealing with their patients.

And then there, you would go kilig, which I, I don't know if there's an equivalent English term, but you feel in love and all that with all the romantic love lines in the series, it's a, it's a rollercoaster of emotions. So it's definitely something that you may want to check out, but it's not your typical medical Excited for that I still have a lot of things on my, my, all the drama list, but yeah. And what is your most favorite K drama of all time. Oh, wow. Okay. I always, whenever I had a with any podcasts, they always ask me and I always have a hard time with this because I feel that if I choose one, I would hurt the others.

I feel that I would be like, it's disrespecting the other K drama. So I would say I currently love the hospital playlist, but my previously just for this year, I would say my favorite for this year alone is just Which I had you, I guest. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was just for this year alone and for this year.

However, so you're saying that you cannot really choose an an all-time Kdrama. I cannot, and it's, I feel, again that it would be a disrespect to all the other K drama that I love. So I cannot choose. Sorry. How about before Vincente though? 2020. Oh, definitely crash landing on you. It's one of the best of 2020.

There's actually a lot from 2020. but that's one thing that I really, really love from that year. Crash Landing On You. Okay. Then who is the ultimate oppa Okay. This one is a bit easy because I do have a list. So I joined Yeah, Itaewon Class. Yeah. Okay, great. You haven't watched your beauty, so, oh yeah, I haven't, I haven't True Beauty, but it actually has on my that's this weekend.

That's my drama. After taxi driver. If I finish it today or tomorrow. So after I watched that thing, cause I have three more episodes to go and then I'm down to True Beauty I will update you on that because a lot of people are also asking me to watch that K drama, but yeah. I'm reading now the webtoon actually really. Oh, yeah, I like it. They know. I mean, this is the guy he's just the most perfect guy in the world. Maybe second. perfect to my husband. Yeah. I was going to say that like your husband could be listening to this one, but yeah. I don't know if you like. Cold, , like a cold, cool guy. There's, there's a Japanese word for that type of character.

I can not remember for my life. I cannot remember the exact or maybe this Estes would know, and they can just update you, but I don't remember the exact term, but there is a term used for that type of character, the ones that are cold and nonchalant at first, and then they turn into warmer character.

Isn't it. I watch a lot of, of anime, so before K-drama, there was anime for me, but even now I'm not very familiar with that term. I didn't know. They, they told me the, the, the people that were listening to the podcast were also telling me this things like there's a term for this one. There's a term for that.

I'm learning. No, I know the term for the cool, but I think it's different. I mean, the Word for cool, like cool guy, but I think it's a different term as well. So that's interesting. So yeah, they can update us. They can tell us if they know the exact term for it. Cause I, I cannot remember my memory is really bad.

Sorry. Yeah, me too. So yeah. So before we close off, so please invite our zesties to listen to your podcasts, right. Again, I'm like to invite you all zesties to listen to my podcasts. If you are interested in K dramas please listen to Tita Talks. It's not really Tita related podcasts, but it's more of me talking about my favorite, which is K drama.

So we talk about K drama reviews and all the other episodes like I give out suggestions of K dramas for particular subject. So if you are interested, please listen to Tita talks. It's available. Streaming platforms like Spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

I do have social media accounts. I may be a Tita, but I do have social media account, which is Facebook it's facebook.com/titalkspodcast and on Twitter and Instagram it's '@talkstita . Okay, great. Thank you so much for your time today.. It was fun. It was fun and insightful. So yeah. Thank you so much. I hope they learned something from our immigration story.

Thanks Zestie for listening. If you know the Japanese word for cold guy type of characters, please let us know through the comments on our social media accounts. And if you are an immigrant, how was your immigration journey? If you want to share it with us, please let us know by emailing gleeful talk show@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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