Ep 30. Creating Content Consistently Is The Bare Minimum. Creating Content That Converts Consistently Is The Goal.


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It's not enough to create good content consistently. It's not enough to get awards and features and guest appearances and all these different things if the work and energy and effort and time it takes to get those things or be a part of those things or create those things does not establish and create the perception you need in order to get the result that you want.

All this effort, all this energy, all those resources, and maybe all this money being exerted into content with the intentions of building brand equity, growing your business, establishing as a thought leader, as a strong presence within your industry, your clients, or consumer base, whatever it might be, and it doesn't do that, will fail. It's not working efficiently. It's not working effectively for the intent and purposes of why you're doing it.

Remember, we got to always be creating, but creating is only part of the journey. We have to couple that with creating content that connects. It is not enough to create good content consistently.

Let's celebrate when our content:

  • Connects to people
  • Convinces others of our worth and truth
  • Commands attention
  • Controls the narrative of our brand equity
  • Converts people into believers of our skills and buyers of our products or services
  • Compliments all the hard work we do behind the scene

This is episode 30, #ContentAndConversions


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