How a Bad Estate Plan Can Wreck You (even if you have nothing)


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We hear a ton about "intergenerational wealth" lately, and a cornerstone of building a dynasty of Benjamin-stackers is knowing how to pass on your assets. But even if you don't have any assets yet, not having a good plan can still wreck your plans. On today's show, we'll dive into Estate Planning 101 with author Amy Blacklock, and begin with the bazillion dollar question, "Why do I need an estate plan if I have nothing?" You'll be surprised. We'll also answer basic questions, like, "Who would you want to handle your estate and who do you want to give your sweet super soaker collection to?" We'll tackle wills, trusts, estate planning for young people, and more.

During our headline, we take a look at asset allocation and rebalancing. Rebalancing is important at any stage of your investing life, but why does it matter more during retirement? We'll find out and offer our thoughts on how and when to rebalance. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Joanne who asked a question in our Facebook group about an annuity she was pitched. We have (sometimes strong) opinions on annuities but we break this down and explain the red flags we see. Don't worry, we won't forget about Doug's trivia!


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