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In this week’s episode I chat to Fizz about her three births, her NICU experience and her recent ADHD diagnosis. She was 23 weeks and 6 days when her little boy was born which, at the time, was considered pre-viability age. Little Ernie was a fighter who spent 96 days in the NICU before graduating to special care and eventually going home. Despite the stress and overwhelm, Fizz established a great milk supply and ended up feeding him till 18months. Her second pregnancy was straightforward and after birth, while navigating postpartum, she went on mirena contraception that exacerbated a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including sensitivity to sound and light. Upon seeing her psychologist, she was eventually diagnosed with ADHD which was life changing in the best possible way. With a renewed sense of self-awareness, Fiz fell pregnant again, went off her medication and prepared for a positive birth with no induction or epidural. Baby Sid arrived on a stormy Melbourne night, an experience that Fiz describes as “really lovely.”

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