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How Rett Harmon Uses Social Media For His Business

This is a special episode with Jeff at Schiller Productions in Carrollton, Georgia visiting Rett Harmon. Rett is with Century 21 Real Estate and is doing some amazing things with social media in his business! He shares about the strategy of video that their brokerage has had as their mission and vision. Tune in for all of the valuable insights!

Episode Highlights:

  • Rett has been in the Real Estate business for 20 years. He shares about the dynamics of his business.
  • Social media allowed Jeff and Rett to meet. They are wearing shirts that read, “Random to Real Estate”. Jeff explains that this will be the tieback to social media and asks Rett to explain what it is.
  • Jeff points out that Rett is in a very small town. He disproves the idea that strategies can’t apply to those in rural areas.
  • At what point should you hire a videographer for your business?
  • Rett explains how he knew it was time to expand their video production team.
  • Jeff asks Rett what his metric is for how much content he wants to put out each week or each month.
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are all incorporated into the marketing strategy of Novus Century 21 Brokerage. Rett explains how they evaluate where to focus based on where their audience is.
  • How do you add value by fixing problems? How do broader topics of content generate business?
  • Consistency is key. Different platforms will require different content strategies.
  • Rett shares about Random to Real Estate and the pillars of content.
  • How do you find something that is very defining and unique? How does that relate back to your brand?
  • How do you get past the struggle of being different and the personal repercussions that may come with all the benefits of standing out?
  • Rett shares his pay it forward approach and how it makes a difference in all aspects.
  • James Paul, a content creator and videographer with Rett Harmon’s team shares what he does and how other businesses can fill a similar role in their team.

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