427: Doctor Reveals the Hidden Causes of Anxiety, Depression, OCD & More in Children | Dr. Kenneth Bock


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As a leader in integrative medicine, Dr. Kenneth Bock (@KennethBockMD) has accumulated over 35 years of experience diagnosing the root cause of chronic illnesses and restoring balance to the immune systems of his patients.

He founded Bock Integrative Medicine in response to the increasing need for board-certified medical providers who take a unique “whole body” approach to diagnose and treat chronic illness.

Dr. Bock focuses on the treatment of autism and co-occurring conditions, PANS/PANDAS, ITABI, tick-borne illnesses, and adult conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and heart disease.

Today we’re discussing his latest book, Brain Inflamed: Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mood Disorders in Adolescents and Teens.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The four A’s: autism, ADHD, allergies & asthma
  • What's causing the increase in food allergies & food sensitivities in kids
  • How to restore your babies microbiome after a c-section
  • Understanding various food allergy/food sensitivity symptoms
  • Craving a food... you could be allergic to it
  • Dr. Bock’s approach to talking to kids/teenagers
  • Is your immune kettle boiling over?
  • What is ITABI, PANS & PANDAS?
  • Tests & treatments when strep causes PANDAS
  • Knowing where the infection ends and the autoimmune disease begins
  • What causes a misdirected immune response?
  • The role of antibiotics and probiotics in treatment protocols
  • Using intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) therapy
  • Nutritional modulation of genetic expression
  • Supplementing methylfolate can help mood disorders
  • Lyme disease and co-infections
  • Clues and questions to ask your doctor about Lyme
  • Symptoms of Lyme disease, Bartonella and Babesia
  • Treat the patient, not the labs
  • Lyme and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Find a Lyme literate doctor
  • Treatment recommendations for acute Lyme disease vs. chronic Lyme disease
  • Dr. Bock’s advice for parents with suffering children
  • Love and laughter are the two best nutrients for the immune system

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